Wednesday, 9 December 2009

I've been Chromed

There's probably no need to tell you what Google Chrome is - the search giant's browser, which they launched about a year ago. What you may not know is that Chrome is now quite useful. They've added a gallery of extensions, much like the thousands of free plug-ins that you can get for the Firefox browser.

As of today I'm a fully-fledged Chrome convert. For a guy who spends way too much of his life hunched over an internet browser, this is a big thing. Why have I changed? Well, in addition to the myriad extensions which bring delicious, gmail, twitter, gcal (which can sync to your Outlook), Wave and Google Reader into the browser with teeny-tiny little icons informing you if you have a new mail, wave, tweet or tag, Chrome also allows you to sync your bookmarks, toolbars and assorted tools across multiple machines.

So, import all your bookmarks into Chrome from wherever you have them stored (whatever browser you are currently using) save them, and then simply synchronise on another machine when you're elsewhere. No more laboriously adding favicons and importing bookmarks one machine at a time.

Fabulous stuff.

Oh and it seems to be about 30-40% faster than any other browser I've used.

Download here.

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