Sunday, 3 January 2010

[8] A Hitchiker's Guide to Cyberspace

This post is part of a 'digital essay' for the course Digital Cultures, a semester in the University of Edinburgh's MsC. in eLearning. To go back to the start of the essay, click here.

Some questions to ask as you encounter digitally-mediated narratives on the web:

1. If a narrative cites an historical source, can it be authenticated?

2. Does the narrative display tendencies toward syllogistic thinking?

3. Does the narrative display poor probalistic reasoning?

4. Does the narrative insist on assertions being accepted as facts?

5. To what extent does the narrative depend on visual literacies to commuinicate its' message? And does this alter the transmission and meaning of the narrative?

6. Does the narrative display signs of a dominating dystopian or utopian slant?

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