Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Google release 'Lively' chat rooms

Google seem mighty proud of their latest creation, 'Lively' a 3-D chat room facility which can be plugged into any other webpage. That means that I could (if one were inclined) add a 'Lively chat room on this network. It all seems a bit 'Second Life', but this is one to keep an eye on - if only to see where Google's social media strategy is going. From the Ars Technica review:

'Unveiled on Google's blog with the disclaimer that it was a "20 percent" project, Lively is designed to be a portable 3D space where users can build rooms and interact with visitors via avatars. "Second Life in a web browser" is an applicable analogy, though Google appears to have made sure that rooms and user activities remain in the G to PG range. Each room can be linked with a unique URL—I Hate Ewoks and Lively: Google Room are two good examples—or even embedded in a website through an iframe.

"If you enter a Lively room embedded on your favorite blog or website," Google's Niniane Wang said in the announcement post, "you can immediately get a sense of the room creator's interests, just by looking at the furniture and environment they chose." Apparently, a WordPress theme, Flickr photosteam widget, and a Twitter Flash badge aren't enough to show off one's personality anymore; we need to know people's architectural preferences as well. '

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